Crumb and Get It Celebrates Anniversary


            Building relationships with the community has been one of the sweetest things going in the past year for business owner Chris McMurray of Crumb and Get It in Radford.  The former non-denominational minister decided to go in business with his wife in 2007.  The two changed location from Blacksburg to Radford; since then, business has flourished.    

            McMurray says he and his wife took all of their learning experiences from the Blacksburg location and applied them to their new business location.  They took all new approaches to employing, location, and marketing.  They have been more decisive about who they hire. These employers aspire to have employees who have warm, friendly personalities.  Location has allowed this business to thrive because it is in the downtown area of Radford that encounters more traffic and is also conveniently located near Radford University where college students are within a short walk of a custom dessert.   McMuray says that they’re connection to the community has contributed to their success.

            “The best thing for me is to meet and see people from the community and develop those relationships.   We offer fundraising opportunities both here and on site. Proceeds from the day go to the organizations; we also take advantage of being apart of events in the community such as the tree lighting,” McMurray said.  

            The climax of the businesses’ influence happened during the summer of 2012 when McMurray denied service to Vice President, Joe Biden, which resulted in local media coverage.  The exposure caused more awareness about the business in the community, drawing in customers for personal and political reasons.       

            Crumb and Get It is a place for people of all ages who are craving a good treat.  Customers can expect a down-home atmosphere where employees provide a family-oriented atmosphere while providing satisfactory service.   Customers can get cookies and cupcakes any way they want it by choosing a batter and mix-ins; all desserts are made to order.  

            “It’s an enjoyable experience, we bring a product that delivers smiles, it’s fun; it’s a fun place to work and hang out,” McMurray said.  

            Crumb and Get It is making strides to further their business; McMurray says he and his partner have been working on getting others to establish franchises in other markets.   They do not plan for the bakery to become a large chain; maintaining the atmosphere and quality is more important to McMurray. 

            “Our goal and result of franchising would be having multiple markets across the country,” said McMurray.”  “More of a boutique in multiple locations feel.”

            Customer’s can find deals at Crumb and Get It, just like any other chain establishment they offer: Happy Hour, a punch card system (10th punch customers get a three free cookies), free ice cream scoops for children with purchases on Tuesdays, and other deals with larger purchases. 

            Crumb and Get It has bounced back from its challenges in Blacksburg.  This bakery offers a unique snacking experience for people of all ages different from all of its competitors.  

            “I don’t know of any other dessert shop in the country that offers custom made to order cookies, other than that, customer service is our best quality,” McMurray said.   

            With the support of patrons and friends in the community, Crumb and Get It has been and will continue to stay afloat.   Such support within the first year has pushed the business forward onto greater strides. 

            “We want to say thank you to both the student community and Radford for standing with us and supporting us, and giving us a great year in business. “ McMurray said. ”We’re very humbled and honored by that, God gets the Glory.”



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