RU Students Mourn Great Loss

R.I.P to Quadfest

1973-2013, 40 Years to Remember

Place of Birth: Radford, Virginia

Place of Death: Radford, Virginia

Date of Death April 20, 2013

Cause of Death: Over enforcement of Police Department and over punishment of university Officials.


“Friends, Fun, and Force”




Quadfest of Radford, Virginia passed away at the young age of 40 on April 20, 2013. Born in Radford, Virginia, Quadfest is the son of Radford student organizations who aspired to bring a positive event to campus.

Quadfest is survived by the memory of students who enjoyed the extensive partying and drinking with other out of town students in its distant past.    During its youth, Quadfest was a sanctioned event that was held on campus.   Concerts and festivals were held on campus and supervised under limited law enforcement.   Little did students know was the devastating betrayal law enforcement and the university would have against the event.

Radford University withdrew affiliation from the event, but with the urging and encouragement from students, Quadfest continued to live on through off-campus parties that were held mostly on light side.   Although Radford withdrew affiliation, they still continued to punish students afterwards and gave sanctions as a result of off-campus violations.

One student mourns the lost of Quadfest despite the fact they were only allowed one chance to see it.   “There’s a big difference even from last year, and I was a freshman last year.   We couldn’t get to enjoy it at all this year,” Sophomore Matthew Bagley said.

The catalyst of Quadfests’ downfall happened after the JMU riots during their Springfest in 2010.   As a result, local authorities started to call in extensive law enforcement and also use a multi-jurisdictional authority between the different localities.   With the increased law enforcement presence, students continued to get underage alcohol charges and also charges with the university.

The last days of Quadfests’ life were spent with the overbearing presence of police officers and nervous students walking down the street, sometimes being stopped unreasonably.   Students mourn of this great loss, one of the most memorable experiences of attending Radford University.   Quadfest will be greatly missed.


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